Strong substance is a division all out strong in boring mud, and it generally expanded while boring ahead due to penetrating strong (cuttings), mud synthetic added substances and weighting material. At the point when we lost circulation  about the strong substance, we generally mean dissolvable and insoluble substance in the penetrating liquid framework.

There are three kinds of strong substance as recorded underneath:

– Soluble material like salt

– Insoluble high gravity strong (HGS) as weighting specialists (barite, calcium carbonate, hematite, and so forth)

– Insoluble low gravity strong (LGS) or penetrated strong as particles from cuttings

The drill solids are the most noticeably terrible substance in the penetrating liquid since it bit by bit weakens mud properties. Additionally, if its molecule size is under 5 microns, they couldn’t be eliminated by mechanical strategies, and they will remain in the mud for eternity. By and large, thye will take 6-7 percent of complete mud volume. Since the bored strong substance is vital, it should be checked every day. For great boring practices, the bored strong ought to be tried double a day by countering. The maximum furthest reaches of the drill strong group ought to be 6-7 % by volume or roughly 55 – 60 pound for each barrels. Kindly recollect that this figure is general dependable guideline. Basically, you can work the boring activity with more strong substance for some time yet over all presentation will be bit by bit down.

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