Should the congregation choose to recruit their firm, may the congregation get the names, locations, and phone quantities of the customers for these past comparative residential architects?

16. What administrations did the draftsman accommodate those congregation customers during the plan, offering, and development stages?

17. Who will give every one of these administrations to the congregation: the draftsman, the designer’s representatives, or outside experts?

18. What was the real development cost versus the modeler’s assessed cost for every one of these ventures, and how would they represent the difference?

19. Who from the firm will the congregation be straightforwardly managing? Is it a similar individual who will be planning the task? If not, who will be planning it and what direct connection will the congregation have with this individual?

20. What is the proposed intercession measure for settling debates and will the planner consent to restricting intervention?

Proposed Project Questions

1. What are the main difficulties of the proposed venture and how does the planner expect managing them?

2. How well does the designer comprehend the congregation’s objectives and requirements? (Request that the modeler repeat back to you the general objectives, plan and spending limitations and assess how well they get them.)

3. How certain is the modeler of meeting the congregation’s proposed plan?

4. What experience does the modeler have making an interpretation of service needs into space necessities?

5. What is the target interaction that the planner will use to assemble data to help assess the requirements and objectives of the service to give the ideal plan arrangement?

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