There are generally three types of magical charms: white magic spells, black magic spells and love magic charms. White and black magic are rather explanatory being in the distinct opposite ends of this spectrum, together with love magical being at the middle ground since it’s usually neither right nor wrong to dabble with a person’s emotions.

White magic charms

A magical charm is deemed white magic if it’s typically a friendly or helpful magical. Basically speaking, each magic is exactly the exact same and has no delegated colour, but as a result of the requirement of visual spectacle of different kinds of media, magical was assigned colours for them to be correctly distinguished. Red is the magic of fire and destruction; green is the magic of nature and life; shameful is your magic of death and fear while white is the colour of healing and innocence. An important thing to remember is that magic is magical and there Is Not Any such thing as bad or good creature, however for the purposes of colour separation, all friendly and helpful magic That Doesn’t cause any injury but are magicien mentaliste will be under white magic:

All spells which are meant to cure or heal a person or an organism
Health Spells. A magical spell that’s supposed to enhance the health or the quality of life of somebody
Spiritual Spells. Spells which are designed with a specific sort of sacred purpose, like the summoning of angels and good spirits
Wealth spells. Spells that are supposed to boost the amount of wealth of a person, not through material things but through religious and psychological also
Luck Spells. As long as they create very good luck to the person
Life Spells. Spells Meant for the overall wellbeing of any person, whether it be a full grown man or a kid
Black magic spells

A magical charm is known as”black magic” whether it’s supposed to do damage or cause any type of injury to a object or person. The colour black is commonly connected to the words”unknown”,”passing” and”fear” and it isn’t any wonder why people would correlate all that’s unfriendly and is normally frightening into the colour of this shadow. Black magic doesn’t automatically indicate it may result in an individual harm, however, as it can also be represented as anything that’s unholy or supernatural in character. Broadly , it’s more commonly called a”curse” or even a”hex”. Additionally, any Kind of magic and charm That’s Meant to cause or want harm to another individual is Deemed harmful magical, but for the purposes of example here are some kinds of Dark magic:

Immortality charms . Life is thought to be finite, and any type of spell which could extend or even block the definiteness of lifestyle is thought of as black magic
Necromancy spells. The deceased should be permitted to rest in peace, and some other disturbance to the normal sequence of things, even death, is deemed black and unnatural
Demonic charms . Any Kind of spells for your planned harm of an individual is Deemed black magic

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