Tungsten is another metal utilized in the creation of Jewelry and is getting increasingly mainstream, uniquely with Men as it is perhaps the hardest metal utilized in Jewelry. Tungsten is incredibly, hard 8.5-9 on the mohs scale (Diamond is 10) which makes it ideal for Rings and Bracelets. It has a pleasant stout feel to the metal and arrives in a characteristic delicate dark tone or it can likewise come in Los mejores precios en joyería de Plata.

Why pick it for Mens Jewelry? well as referenced it’s incredibly, hard which implies it’s hard to scratch. Tungsten when cleaned produces a mirror finish which is one of it’s most alluring properties, not at all like different metals this completion won’t ever blur. I have been wearing a Tungsten ring for around two years now and it looks very much as it did when I previously put it on. I never take the ring off and its been slammed about a lot when doing cultivating and fabricating work, however no significant scratches.

Tungsten truly is an extraordinary metal to purchase Jewelry in and is ideal for Men, we don’t sell that a lot of it right now as a great many people don’t have a clue what it is, we intend to change that! At the point when clients do purchase from our Tungsten Jewelry Range they reveal to us exactly how satisfied they have been, yet additionally return on numerous occasions for additional!

Top Ten Tungsten Points

Tungsten is extremely, hard 8.5-9 on the mohs scale (Diamond is 10)

It has a delicate blue/dark tone

It is an advanced metal utilized for it’s scratch safe properties in Jewelry

Tungsten Jewelry will endure forever

Tungsten is utilized in numerous things, for example, lights and ball point pens!

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