Genuine notepad++. The exe file is a software component of Notepad written by Don HO.

“Notepad++.exe” is a file that resides in Windows for Notepad++. It is a free (GNU) program and provided by Don Ho. It is an advanced notepad with source code editing capabilities. This file is the main executable file of the program. It opens the user interface and it is a notepad style editor. Compared with other editors, it can also increase the execution speed and has a smaller file size. Don Ho is a software engineer and developer. He created Notepad++, aiming to make the environment better by reducing CPU cycles and reducing PC energy consumption, as well as easier editing of source code without taking up a lot of hard disk space contribution.

The .exe extension of the file name indicates an executable file. In some cases, executable files may harm your computer. Therefore, please read the following to determine the notepad++ on your computer. Is the exe a Trojan horse that you should delete or a file belonging to the Windows operating system or a trusted application?


Download Notepad++ free

Download the latest version of Notepad++ from https

Choose 32 or 64 bit Notepad++ build according to your operating system, and then choose the package you want to download. Most users use the installer to be the easiest way, but Notepad++ also provides 7z and zip formats.


  • Install Notepad++ using the installer
  • Download the installer
  • Run the executable binary and follow the installation process
  • Install Notepad++ from 7z or zip
  • Create a new folder
  • Unzip the contents into a new folder
  • Run Notepad++ from the new folder



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