And I really don’t know a much better location to enjoy the true flavor of hot-pot compared to Chongqing that has tens of thousands of areas which are prepared to serve you that this superb dish. Nevertheless, it is not merely a specialization for Chongqing residents themselves are mad about hot-pot.

I recall how one buddy of mine arrived back home after spending a while in a different state. She promptly called me and a few other mutual friends and establish a meeting at the hot-pot pub. While sitting she shared on her way back there was just 1 thought in her mind – what sort of dishes would she dictate for her hot-pot…

However there’s yet another thing that makes Chongqing famous – especially its own beautiful women. There’s a joke that married guys who visit Chongqing start to regret they have tied the knot.

Possibly the main reason behind a higher concentration of attractiveness here is that the high humidity and also the attribute fogginess which prevents women’ skin from exposure to sunlight and dry atmosphere. No matter the reason is Chongqing women boast they can consume a great deal of hot-pot with no threat for their slender figures.

Humorous and honest, they are simple to reveal their hot temper but are also known to be faithful to their loved ones members and friends.

Should you happen to see Chongqing – visit its principal boulevard. You’re certain to have a mouthwatering experience – if from ingesting hot-pot or viewing the gorgeous women passing by.


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