So as to be successful in high school sports these days, students need to commit to a single sport and play club teams annually.

When athletes play one game day-in, day-out throughout the year, they put themselves in danger of joints, tearing muscles, or inducing stress fractures as a result of constant repetitive movements. Despite these dangers, coaches Bandar Poker to warn students that they risk their own roster spot and any college hopes by playing a number of sports.

A recent study demonstrates the alarming increase in these repetitive stress injuries. The research monitored the amount of”Tommy John” operations, procedures performed on autopilot to repair damaged elbow ligaments, and has been completed by the American Sports Medicine Institute, Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center, in Birmingham, Alabama.

“The truth is that surgery is successful and that is good. But a disturbing trend of younger children needing the operation is upsetting.”

Paradoxically, playing multiple sports might help athletes to be in better physical shape, create multiple muscle groups, and keep them from burning out on their preferred sport.

“When these names are brought up, a couple things come to mind: excellence, transcendent talent, winning, but the idea of these specializing in 1 sport should not.

He ends with guidance to coaches and parents:”So allow your child to participate in multiple sports… Participating in many sports also allows them to see if they’re talented in a different sport, less stress on your system, entire athleticism increases, gain more friends & social interaction, and also there is less pressure to be perfect.”

In extreme examples, a few sports may endanger a athlete’s general health. Whether students are attempting make weight for wrestling, remain slim for dancing or bulk up for football, sports can trigger some hazardous eating and workout habits.

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